"Everything changes and nothing is more vulnerable than the beautiful"
- Edward Abbey


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I earned my Ph.D. in Ecosystem Ecology/Biology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, where my research focused on the deciduous and coniferous canopies' interaction with acidic deposition.

My principal research encompasses three research projects: 1) the valuation of the ecosystem services provided by Overton Park, 2) assessment of carbon sequestration and storage by Memphis urban forests, and 3) the creation of urban green areas in the economically disadvantaged Hollywood-Springdale community.

My teaching ranges from an introductory course in Environmental Sciences to Conservation Biology, and in the summer I offer an environmental field trip to Namibia. Most of my courses fulfill requirements for the new minor in Environmental Sciences.

More information about my teaching and research, including the research activities of my students, can be found by clicking one of the categories on the left.

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