Terry W. Hill

Professor of Biology

Department of Biology
Rhodes College
2000 N. Parkway
Memphis, TN 38112

Office: 110 Frazier Jelke West
Phone: (901) 843-3559

e-mail hill@rhodes.edu

Areas of Teaching Specialization:
Cell Biology and Microbiology
(Especially Fungi)

Course Information and Syllabi:
BIOL-130 Introductory Biology
BIOL-201 Mycology
BIOL-307 Cell Biology
BCMB-310 Methods in Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Research Program

Research Colleagues

Loretta Jackson-Hayes
Associate Professor of Chemistry

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Goals and Projects

The long-term goal of research in this laboratory is to contribute to our understanding of fungal cell development - especially the areas of tip growth and septation.

Our principal current projects focus on the roles played by Protein Kinase C (PKC) and cytoskeletal proteins during polarized cell growth in the filamentous fungus Aspergillus nidulans.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Students with strong research interests in cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, or microbiology are encouraged to apply for positions in this lab.

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Recent Publications

(Student co-authors are highlighted)

Hill, T. W, L. Jackson-Hayes, X. Wang, and B. L. Hoge.   2015.  "A mutation in the converter subdomain of Aspergillus nidulans MyoB blocks constriction of the actomyosin ring in cytokinesis."  Fungal Genetics & Biology 75: 72-83.

Jackson-Hayes, L., T. W. Hill, D. M. Loprete, C. DelBove, J. Shapiro, J. Henley, and O. Dawodu.   2015.  "Two amino acid sequences direct Aspergillus nidulans protein kinase C (PkcA) localization to hyphal apices and septation sites."  Mycologia 107: 452-459.

Gremillion, S. K., S. D. Harris, L. Jackson-Hayes, S. G. W. Kaminskyj, D. M. Loprete, A. C. Gauthier, S. Mercer, A. J. Ravita, and T. W. Hill.   2014.  "Mutations in proteins of the Conserved Oligomeric Golgi complex affect polarity, cell wall structure, and glycosylation in the filamentous fungus Aspergillus nidulans."  Fungal Genetics & Biology 73: 69-82.

Jackson-Hayes, L., T. W. Hill, D. M. Loprete, B. S. Gordon, C. J. Groover, L. R. Johnson, and S. A. Martin.   2010.  "GDP-mannose transporter paralogues play distinct roles in Aspergillus nidulans cell wall integrity."   Mycologia 102: 305-310.

Jackson-Hayes, L., T. W. Hill, D. M. Loprete, L. M. Fay, B. S. Gordon, S. A. Nkashama, R. K. Patel, and C. V. Sartain.   2008.  "Two GDP-mannose transporters contribute to hyphal form and cell wall integrity in Aspergillus nidulans."   Microbiology 154: 2037-2047.

Teepe, A. G., D. M. Loprete, Z.-M. He, T. A. Hoggard, and T. W. Hill.  2007.  "The protein kinase C orthologue PkcA plays a role in cell wall integrity and polarized growth in Aspergillus nidulans".   Fungal Genetics & Biology 44: 554-562.

Hill, T. W., D. M. Loprete, M. Momany, Y. Ha, L. M. Harsch, J. A. Livesay, A. Mirchandani, J. J. Murdock, M. J. Vaughan, and M. B. Watt.   2006.   "Isolation of cell wall mutants in Aspergillus nidulans by screening for hypersensitivity to Calcofluor White".  Mycologia 98: 400-410.

Momany, M., R. Lindsey, T. W. Hill, E. A. Richardson, C. A. Momany, M. Pedreira, G. M. Guest, J. F. Fisher, R. B. Hessler, and K. A. Roberts.   2004.   "The Aspergillus fumigatus cell wall is organized in domains that are remodeled during polarity establishment".   Microbiology 150: 3261-3268.

Loprete, D. M. and T. W. Hill.   2002.  "Isolation and characterization of an endo-(1,4)-β-glucanase secreted by Achlya ambisexualis".   Mycologia 94: 903-911.

Hill, T. W., D. M. Loprete, K. N. Vu, S. P. Bayat Mokhtari, and L. V. Hardin.   2002.   "Proteolytic release of membrane-bound endo-(1,4)-β-glucanase activity associated with cell wall softening in Achlya ambisexualis".  Canadian Journal of Microbiology 48: 93-98.

Hill, T. W. and E. Kafer.  2001.   "Improved protocols for Aspergillus minimal medium: Trace element and minimal medium salt stock solutions".   Fungal Genetics Newsletter 48: 20-21.

Reichard, U., G. T. Cole, T. W. Hill, R. Rüchel, and M. Monod.   2000.   "Molecular characterization and influence on fungal development of ALP2, a novel serine proteinase from Aspergillus fumigatus".  International Journal of Medical Microbiology 290: 549-558.

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