Christopher W. Seaton




Associate Professor and H.C. Ellett Professor,

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,


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Phone:            901-843-3721

Office:            320 Ohlendorf


Snail Mail:      

           Math and Computer

           Science Department

               Rhodes College
               2000 N. Parkway
               Memphis, TN 38112

Teaching (Fall, 2014):


  • Math 115-01: Applied Calculus

MWF 2:00 pm—2:50 pm,            Barret 035


  • Math 115-02: Applied Calculus

MWF 3:00 pm—3:50 pm,            Barret 035


  • Math 223-01: Calculus III

MWF 11:00 am—11:50 am        Kennedy 207

T  11:00 am—11:50 am             Ohlendorf 225


homework schedule                        


Office Hours (Fall, 2014):



MWF:        10:00 am—10:50 am


T:                  2:00 pm—2:50 pm


Students are welcome to make appointments at other times.  My quantity of regularly scheduled office hours is by no means representative of the amount of time I expect to work with students outside of the classroom.


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C. V.


Math 115: Applied Calculus Course Development Materials


Publications and Preprints:
(click here for some supplemental materials)

On compositions with x^2/(1-x)
(with Hans-Christian Herbig and Daniel Herden; submitted)

When is a symplectic quotient an orbifold?
(with Hans-Christian Herbig and Gerald Schwarz; submitted)
An impossibility theorem for linear symplectic circle quotients
(with Hans-Christian Herbig; submitted)
Functional equations for orbifold wreath products
(with Carla Farsi; submitted)

Gauge-fixing on the lattice via orbifolding
(with Dhagash Mehta, Noah Daleo, Jonathan Hauenstein; to appear in Physical Review D)

Stratifications of inertia spaces of compact Lie group actions
(with Carla Farsi and Markus Pflaum; to appear in the Journal of Singularities)


Gamma-extensions of the spectrum of an orbifold
(with Carla Farsi and Emily Proctor; Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 366 (2014), 3881—3905)

The Hilbert series of a linear symplectic circle quotient
(with Hans-Christian Herbig; Experimental Mathematics 23 (2014), 46—65)
An orbit Cartan type decomposition of the inertia space of SO(2m) acting on R2m

(with John Wells, Involve: a Journal of Mathematics 6 (2013), 345—368)

Extensions of the Euler-Satake characteristic for nonorientable 3-orbifolds and indistinguishable examples

(with Ryan Carroll, Involve: a Journal of Mathematics 6 (2013), 467—482)

On orbifold criteria for symplectic toric quotients
(with Carla Farsi and Hans-Christian Herbig, Symmetry, Integrability, and Geometry 9 (2013), 032, 33 pages)
Extensions of the Euler-Satake characteristic and point singularities of orientable 3-orbifolds
(with Ryan Carroll; Kodai Mathematical Journal 36 (2013), 179—188)
Free and free abelian Euler-Satake characteristics of nonorientable 2-orbifolds
(with John Schulte and Bradford Taylor; Topology and its Applications 158 (2011), 2244—2255)
Algebraic structures associated to orbifold wreath products
(with Carla Farsi; Journal of K-Theory 8 (2011), 323—338)
Generalized orbifold Euler characteristics for general orbifolds and wreath products
(with Carla Farsi; Algebraic and Geometric Topology 11 (2011), 523—551)
Classifying closed 2-orbifolds with Euler characteristics
(with Whitney DuVal, John Schulte, and Bradford Taylor; Glasgow Mathematical Journal 52 (2010), no. 3, 555—574)
Generalized twisted sectors of orbifolds
(with Carla Farsi; Pacific Journal of Mathematics 246 (2010), no. 1, 49—74)
Nonvanishing vector fields on orbifolds
(with Carla Farsi; Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 362 (2010), 509—535)
The index of a vector field on an orbifold with boundary
(with Elliot Paquette; Involve: a Journal of Mathematics 2 (2009), no. 2, 161—175)
Two Gauss-Bonnet and Poincarι-Hopf theorems for orbifolds with boundary
(Differential Geometry and its Applications 26 (2008), no. 1, 42—51)

Characteristic classes of bad orbifold vector bundles

(Journal of Geometry and Physics 57 (2007), no. 11, 2365—2371)
K-theory of crepant resolutions of complex orbifolds with SU(2) singularities
(Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics 37 (2007), no. 5, 1705—171)


A complete obstruction to the existence of nonvanishing vector fields on almost-complex, closed cyclic orbifolds



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Recent/Upcoming Presentations:

November 14, 2014

Differentiable stratified groupoids

Joint work with Carla Farsi and Markus Pflaum

University of Colorado at Boulder Groupoids Seminar

Boulder, Colorado


August 11, 2014

Orbifold and non-orbifold symplectic quotients

Joint work with Carla Farsi,Hans-Christian Herbig, Daniel Herden, and Gerald Schwarz

Topology of Torus Actions and Applications to Geometry and Combinatorics

Daejeon Convention Center, Daejeon, Korea


March 13, 2014

Geometry of symplectic quotients via invariant theory II

Joint work with Carla Farsi, Hans-Christian Herbig, Daniel Herden, and Gerald Schwarz

Commutative Algebra Seminar, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Lincoln NE


October 19, 2013

The inertia space of a proper Lie groupoid as a stratified differentiable space

Joint work with Carla Farsi and Markus Pflaum

Fall Central Sectional Meeting of the AMS,

Washington University, St. Louis, MO


April 14, 2013

The inertia space associated to a proper Lie group action as a stratified space

Joint work with Carla Farsi and Markus Pflaum

Spring Western Sectional Meeting of the AMS,

University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO


September 12, 2012

A stratification of the orbit space of a G-manifold for a compact Lie group G

Joint work with Carla Farsi and Markus Pflaum

Centre for Quantum Geometry and Moduli Spaces,

Aarhus University, Aarhus Denmark


January 21—22, 2012

An explicit stratification of the inertia space for  a connected, compact Lie group action

Joint work with Carla Farsi and Markus Pflaum

Groupoidfest 2011,

University of Nevada, Reno

Reno, NV


July 28, 2011

On orbifold criteria for Hamiltonian toric quotients

Joint work with Carla Farsi and Hans-Christian Herbig

Workshop on Recent developments on Orbifolds

Chern Institute of Mathematics

Tianjin, China