Slides from the Special Session on The Analysis, Geometry, and Topology of Groupoids,

Groupoidfest 2015

(Schedule and abstracts available here)

Fall Southeastern Sectional Meeting of the AMS

October 17-18, 2015, University of Memphis

Valentin Deaconu: Groupoid actions on graphs and C*-correspondences
Carla Parvati Farsi: Orbifold versus Manifold Spectral Theory
Rui L Fernandes: Riemannian submersions between Riemannian Lie groupoids
Elizabeth Gillaspy: Cohomology for categories, k-graphs, and groupoids
Steve Hurder: Entropy of the Kuperberg pseudogroup
Marius Ionescu: A Stabilization Theorem for Fell Bundles over Groupoids
S. Kaliszewski: Coaction Functors and Exact Large Ideals of Fourier-Stieltjes Algebras
Songhao Li: The blow-up construction of Lie groupoids
Olga Lukina: The discriminant invariant of Cantor group actions
Paul Muhly: Groupoid Methods in Free Analysis
Judith Packer: Wavelets for higher-rank graph C*-algebras
Dorette Pronk: Mapping Groupoids for Orbispaces
Jean Renault: Semigroups, higher rank graphs, and groupoids
Laura Scull: An Atlas Definition for Noneffective Orbifolds
Xiang Tang: Duality of gerbes on orbifolds
Jordan Watts: The Differential Structure of an Orbifold
Dana P. Williams: Haar Systems on Equivalent Groupoids